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The city has filed a case against the liquidator in our courts (and vice versa), while the Indians have filed a case against the NSC liquidator in Singapore, but neither the NSC liquidator nor the city has filed a case against the Indians of GSPI.
almost completely dependent on imported petroleum," said GSPI president Joseph LaStella.
GSPI noted that NRG made its debut at the Las Vegas SEMA Show, being held through tomorrow.
GSPI noted that the North Carolina facility could generate as much as $4 million in royalties for the company at full capacity.
GSPI noted that it has already entered into final negotiations to construct two biodiesel plants.
We are very encouraged by the initial response to our offering, with more than 60 governments as well as academic research experts and national private sector leaders already engaging with GSPI," said Shawn Hiester, GSPI managing director.
GSPI noted that plant operators immediately shut down operations and contacted the Fire Department and personnel in other buildings located on the property as soon as it was determined that the fire could not be contained with on-site extinguishers.
GSPI) recently announced that American Biofuels, LLC (ABF), which is 35-percent owned by GSPI, has entered into a long-term agreement with Energy Merchant Marketing (EMM), a wholly owned subsidiary of national long-term petroleum contracts supplier and independent petroleum products marketer Energy Merchant Corporation.
The decline came after three consecutive quarters of increases and the GSPI reaching a three-year high in the 2Q/14.
and will continue its expansion next year to its eventual planned capacity of 35 million gallons at the Bakersfield location," said GSPI president Joseph LaStella.
According to GSPI, such a measure, if approved, could potentially play an important role in the accelerated distribution of biodiesel in California, as Department of Energy studies reveal that use of the alternative fuel can lead to a 78-percent life-cycle reduction in vehicular CO2 emissions.