GSPSGiga-Samples Per Second
GSPSGrayscale Softcopy Presentation State (medical digital imaging)
GSPSGoon Show Preservation Society (BBC 1950s radio show fans)
GSPSGlobal Software Piracy Study (BSA)
GSPSGenetic Sample Processing System (automated robotic forensic DNA sample processing system)
GSPSGenerating Station Protection System
GSPSGilles Street Primary School (Adelaide, South Australia)
GSPSGlobal Sterling Payment Systems Ltd. (Canada and UK)
GSPSGlen Shield Public School (Canada)
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High performance, low noise on-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) clock multiplier supports 12 GSPS DAC update rate and provides an observation ADC clock driver with selectable divide ratios
The combination of TI's 14-bit, 3 GSPS ADC and quad-channel, 16-bit, 2.
At first glance, it might seem impossible to sustain input sampling rates in the GSPS range, well beyond the clock and routing speeds of the fastest FPGAs.
business to support our corporate clients and their employees around the world, and the GSPS EMEA business and clients will benefit from the scale and expertise of one of the leading players in the stock plan services market.
What the WHO FCTC asks countries to monitor, the GYTS, GSPS, and GHPS can help to measure.
And at least one tractor is capable of using GSPS to do field work without a human operator
The business model of GSPS anticipates two types of payments.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 28, 2013-Morgan Stanley to sell GSPS EMEA to Computershare(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
com)-- Along with being one of the nations leaders in property demolition, GSPS promotes their cost effective rehabilitation services on default properties as well.
The GSPS collects information from school personnel concerning their use of tobacco and their knowledge of tobacco policies and curricula in their schools.
Ultraview (Berkeley, CA) has announced a fast PCIe data acquisition board that allows uninterrupted acquisition of 2 concurrent 2 GSPS 12-bit A/D channels or a single channel at up to 4 GSPS.
2 GSPS and the ADC12D1000 with performance up to 2.