GSPSGiga-Samples Per Second
GSPSGrayscale Softcopy Presentation State (medical digital imaging)
GSPSGoon Show Preservation Society (BBC 1950s radio show fans)
GSPSGlobal Software Piracy Study (BSA)
GSPSGenetic Sample Processing System (automated robotic forensic DNA sample processing system)
GSPSGenerating Station Protection System
GSPSGilles Street Primary School (Adelaide, South Australia)
GSPSGlobal Sterling Payment Systems Ltd. (Canada and UK)
GSPSGlen Shield Public School (Canada)
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0 GSPS, or dual-channel rates up to 500 MSPS, with IMD3 of -69 dBc at 2.
business to support our corporate clients and their employees around the world, and the GSPS EMEA business and clients will benefit from the scale and expertise of one of the leading players in the stock plan services market.
GSPS also offers a variety of property preservation and recurring maintenance services as well.
9) Nothing in the business plan of GSPS precludes an approved account holder from offering credit intermediary functions.
5 GSPS on high-resolution DDS ICs allows our customers to generate higher output frequencies with improved dynamic performance," said Peter Real, vice president, linear and RF, Analog Devices.
s X-fest 2014 technical training events and demonstrating rapid prototyping platforms for software-defined radio (SDR), GSPS data acquisition solutions and RF signal processing components that are compatible with Xilinx, Inc.
25 GSPS, high-performance digital-to-analog converter features a JESD204A-compatible high-speed serial input.
The RF-sampling ADC12J4000 clocks in at 4 GSPS and supports the JEDEC JESD204B serial interface standard for data converters up to 8 Gbps, while consuming 50 percent less power than competitive devices.
5 GSPS, 25 percent faster than existing 16-bit dual DACs.
5 GSPS is by far the best component on the market because it offers excellent linearity in the DC / 1 GHz band and 80 dB SFDR.