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GSTGoods and Services Tax
GSTGeneral Sales Tax (various locations)
GSTGeneration-Skipping Transfer (Internal Revenue Service)
GSTGlutathione-S-Transferase (enzyme)
GSTGPS (Global Positioning System) Science & Technology Program
GSTGMD (Ground-Based, Midcourse Defense) Systems Trainer
GSTWind Gust
GSTGeneration-Skipping Tax
GSTGesellschaft für Sport und Technik (German: Society for Sports and Technics)
GSTGeneral Systems Theory
GSTGovernment Sales Tax
GSTGlobal Science and Technology
GSTGuam Standard Time (GMT+1000)
GSTGreenwich Sidereal Time
GSTGeneral Services Tax (Canada)
GSTGround Storage Tank (drinking water storage)
GSTGlobal Systems for Telematics (EU project)
GSTGreenwich Standard Time
GSTGovernment Support Team
GSTGulf Strike Team (US Coast Guard)
GSTGlobal Sourcing Team (various companies)
GSTGround System Test
GSTGovernorate Support Team
GSTGold Sodium Thiosulfate
GSTGeneral Studies Thematic
GSTGeneral Staff Target
GSTGPS Science & Technology program
GSTGround Sensor Terminal
GSTGeographical Specialist Team
GSTGuaranteed Service Transport
GSTGreen Shirt Thursday
GSTGas Surge Tank
GSTGround Support Terminal
GSTGlobal Structure Transformation (data compression)
GSTGraphical Site Table
GSTGroup Summary Tool
GSTGreen Scrubby Thing (scouring pad)
GSTGeneral Service Training (Air Training Corps cadets annual camp; Canada)
GSTGnome System Tools (software)
GSTGeneral Service Technician (various companies)
GSTGreat Sex Tax
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A lifetime GST exemption is allowed for transfers that would otherwise be generation-skipping transfers.
Asked whether the Centre will also have two GST rates, Dasgupta said, " I cannot speak on behalf of the Union government but it will likely have a good deal of conformity with statelevel GST.
If a massage therapist is not registered for the GST, then the GST is not charged.
If GST becomes payable, or is paid without having become payable before July 1, 2006, the seven per cent GST rate will apply.
Any GST-registrant who is subcontracted to provide maintenance for the non-resident, non-GST-registered person would have to invoice GST and HST because the goods are in Canada at the time the service is performed.
Although it is easy to determine whether an outright gift is subject to GST tax, gifts to trusts are more problematic and present a potential danger, especially when relying only on the automatic allocation rules.
5-per-cent federal sales tax to the GST will bring down the cost of buiding a house.
Hitachi GST enables users to fully engage in the digital lifestyle by providing high-value hard drives in formats suitable for the office, on the road and in the home.
2632-1 (c)(1), to eliminate any confusion about the deemed allocation of a GST exemption to direct and indirect skips.
Under the terms of the agreement, GST and WFI have agreed to jointly construct a portion of the network between Los Angeles and San Diego.
The agendas for the meetings were separate, but substantially overlapping owing to the focus on issues arising from legislation harmonizing GST and the Atlantic provincial sales taxes.
Since the GST is a tax on personal consumption, such companies will be able to fully recover the GST paid on purchases.