GSTAMIDSGround Standoff Mine Detection System (Army)
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The GSTAMIDS program team was "on to something," said former PM AMS Deputy Dennis Haag.
A former member of the GSTAMIDS team explained that more than 25 add-on capabilities have been integrated into the Buffalo, including ire suppression, additional armor, an air digger and other survivability capabilities.
The benefit that QR brings to the GSTAMIDS is that it can confirm or deny the presence of explosives without having to dig up every suspect object, explained Vivian George, Army project engineer.
The concept for the GSTAMIDS Block I is to have the mine-detection vehicle upfront and a separate QR-equipped vehicle following behind.
Unlike the IVMMD, the GSTAMIDS vehicle has a hydraulic arm, resembling a crane, to dig up mines remotely, from inside the vehicle.
Michael Moody, Chief Executive Officer of Force Protection, commented, "These orders give us continued visibility into the long term role that the Buffalo will play in the Army's GSTAMIDS program as well as the United Kingdom's route clearance efforts.
BAE Systems is prime contractor for GSTAMIDS, a countermine mission package that, when fielded on the FCS Multipurpose Utility/Logistic Equipment (MULE) vehicle, forms the MULE-Countermine.
GSTAMIDS integrates mine detection and neutralisation into a multi-platform system.
Under this contract, BAE SYSTEMS will develop a tactical engagement model of GSTAMIDS Block I, allowing the customer to vary the performance parameters of several system elements, determining the appropriate set of system requirements and optimum mix of system elements.
The three year contract is part of the Army's Ground Standoff Minefield Detection Systems (GSTAMIDS) program and will fund the Program Definition and Risk Reduction (PDRR) phase of the GSTAMIDS Block 1 acquisition program by developing Quadrupole Resonance (QR) sensors for both Confirmation and Primary Scanning roles.
Periodically throughout the contract, field tests will be conducted at Government test ranges to measure the system's performance against the Technical Objectives of the GSTAMIDS mission.