GSTCGeorgia Sea Turtle Center (Jekyll Island, GA)
GSTCGraduate Student Technical Conference
GSTCGreat Sauk Trail Council (Boy Scouts of America; Ann Arbor, MI)
GSTCGeneralized Sheet Transition Condition (electromagnetic fields)
GSTCGeneral Sales Terms and Conditions
GSTCGeorgia Science and Technology Commission
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Upon rescue, Mahi was immediately rushed to GSTC on Jekyll Island, Ga.
Voir Casseis c Canada, [2001] ACI no 686 (QL) au para 11, [2001] GSTC 122 (conf en appel: 2002 CAF 278).
GSTC recognition is a fundamental step towards a much-needed globally accepted definition of sustainable tourism.
The GSTC superordinate category contained three subordinate level 2 categories: stoppage situations, within-game flow situations, and pregame situations.
As the GSTC Partnership criteria are fully implemented, Travelocity plans to employ the ratings program on the site.
11) 2010 FCA 127, 403 NR 41, rev'g 2009TCC 272, [2009] GSTC 85-1, aff'd 2012 SCC 20, 429 NR 330 [City of Calgary].
Consumers deserve widely accepted standards to distinguish green from greenwashed," said Jeff Glueck, chief marketing officer of Travelocity/Sabre, referring to the formation of the GSTC Partnership.
Caesars' CodeGreen programs, the environmental sustainability initiative at the company, align with the baseline criteria of the GSTC.
According to GSTC officials, Georgia was critically injured after being run over by a boat.
DataDoors will allow users to quickly search the Forest Service archive of raster maps and images on the Clearinghouse web site and download the selected files directly into their image processing or GIS software system," said Dave George, Group Leader for Clearinghouse and Program Coordination at GSTC.