GSTEPGeorgia Systemic Teacher Education Program
GSTEPGeorgia State Test of English Proficiency (Georgia State University; Atlanta, GA)
GSTEPGeorgia Spit Tobacco Education Program (oral health)
GSTEPGeorgia State University Test of English Proficiency
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The project described here, which is part of a GSTEP (Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program) initiative, (2) was conducted by one university and one high school English teacher to satisfy two related purposes: first, to interest students from the university English Department in secondary school teaching by offering them structured, productive interaction with secondary-school teachers and students early in their careers; and second, to give high school students a preview of the university's ways of thinking and writing about literature.
At the end of the experiment, another member from our GSTEP committee debriefed the high school students in a taped discussion of about one-and-a-half hours.
2) GSTEP was an ambitious, and successful, effort at three different Georgia University System campuses that, with the help of a Department of Education grant, devised ways to coordinate and improve teacher education from college pre-service experiences to student teaching and on through the first year on the job.