GSTFGesellschaft Schweizerisch Tibetische Freundschaft (German: Swiss Tibetan Friendship Society; Zurich, Switzerland)
GSTFGlobal Strike Task Force (US Air Force)
GSTFGlobal Service Trust Fund
GSTFGraduate Student Travel Fund (research fund)
GSTFGerman Shania Twain Fanclub (website)
GSTFGene Specific Transcription Factor
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Even though the proposal is still at a very nascent stage of implementation, the message is being underlined in the countdown to this year's GSTF which will attract experts from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to the UAE capital for the first time," Theobald said.
In 2001 Gen John Jumper, then the Air Force chief of staff, outlined the GSTF concept and his vision of the service's kick-down-the-door force, making the point that "the concept hinges on precision weapons and stealth capabilities inherent in the B-2 and F-22.
GSTF assets must have the capability to operate within anti-access environments and to .
Since the Air Force Chief of Staff Gen John Jumper's introduction of the GSTF concept, 8 AF has taken the concept to the next level of transformation.
An F-22 derivative with more internal fuel and a variable cycle engine would fit this role better than the baseline design does, as it would better fit the GSTF strike roles.
The GSTF concept proposes to use a combination of long-range bombers, such as the B-2; new, stealthy fighters, such as the F-22 and the Joint Strike Fighter, and a next-generation transport, called a common widebody aircraft, to strike at targets around the world, Jumper told a recent seminar sponsored by DFI International in Washington, D.
The GSTF conference opened with a global keynote session by Prince Sultan, the first Arab, Muslim and royal to visit space, who delivered the first speech on the strategic role of space technology in regional economic development.
The first standard Tactical FMV Production Course was conducted 27 April to 1 May 2009 at the 3d MI Center's GSTF located within the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's (NGA) Washington Navy Yard-Building 213, Washington, D.
The key to effectively using the GSTF exemption is to make a gift of the exemption during lifetime to a dynasty trust and to leverage the gift with life insurance.
Jumper, the Air Force chief of staff, did not present space-power force application as part of either the GSTF or GRTF, even though he addressed other capabilities not yet available.
The F-22 performs two roles in the GSTF scenario, If two squadrons are deployed, half the aircraft provide defensive cover for strike aircraft, together vzwith non-stealthy intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft, such as Global Hawk UAVs and AWACS.
The GSTF concept provides a lethal joint-battle-space capability by combining stealthy aircraft employing advanced weapons with a multisensor command and control constellation (MC2C).