GSTIGraduate School of Translation and Interpretation (Monterey Institute of International Studies and Ewha Women's University)
GSTIGoldman Sachs Technology Index
GSTIGlutathione S-Transferase I
GSTIGlutamine Synthetase Translational Inhibitor
GSTIGeodata Systems Technologies, Inc. (Philippines)
GSTIGlobal Systems Telecom, Inc. (Coconut Creek, FL)
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A primeira versao do documento foi submetida a um pre-teste (entrevistas semiestruturadas) com cinco reconhecidos especialistas em GSTI, dos quais tres possuem certificacao em ITIL.
A grande quantidade de oriundos da area tecnica pode ser explicada pelo fato de que muitos profissionais que hoje possuem atividades relacionadas a GSTI iniciaram suas carreiras como analistas ou programadores, migrando posteriormente para a gestao de TI e se defrontando com a problematica da gestao de TI.
For access to S&P GSCI, S&P GSSI and S&P GSTI data via Standard & Poor's FTP site, please contact: index_services@standardandpoors.
An enhanced portfolio of complementary technologies, services and expertise, will help us offer better solutions to current and future customers," said Chris Moscoso, former president and CEO of GSTI.
The rule changes allow Goldman Sachs to delete from the GSTI Composite Index the non-technology companies, which are classified by Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and Russell industry codes as technology stocks.
One of the top-performing sectors today is the GSTI Technology Services Index (CBOE: GSV), which has tacked on more than five percent.
Suffering the most dramatic decline in today's session is the GSTI Technology Services Index (GSV - 97.
21 percent, the GSTI Software index (GSO) is up by 1.
Brogan will also be discussing the following indices: Dow Jones Industrial Average Daily (DJIA), S&P 500 Daily (SP500), S&P500 Index (SP500), Nasdaq Composite Daily (NASDAQ), Nasdaq Composite Index (COMP), Amex Computer Tech Index (XCI), Amex Biotech Index (BTK), Morgan Stanley High Tech Index (MSH), GSTI Semi Conductor Index (GSM), American Internet Index Daily (AMEX), and American Stock Exchange Internet Index (IIX).
4 percent return of the GSTI Composite Index, but did not tell the reader that the ETI Fund was a new fund with no performance history, and did not clearly divorce the past performance of the index from the future performance of the ETI Fund.
KBA Compacta heatset web offset presses and two Ferag GSTI binders is state of the art and was designed to produce over 5 million magazines and supplements each week.
8% for Goldman Sachs' GSTI Internet Index (GIN), and 32.