GSTM1Glutathione S-Transferase M1 (genes; also seen as GSTM)
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Combined effect of GSTT1 and GSTM1 polymorphisms on human male infertility in north Indian population.
3] Human genes: TPMT, thiopurine S-methyltransferase; PACSIN2, protein kinase C and casein kinase substrate in neurons 2; GSTM1, glutathione S-transferase mu 1.
Several studies assessing genetic susceptibility in response to air pollution and cardiovascular outcomes show that GSTP1 and GSTM1 play a role in ROS modulation.
The pesticide exposed individuals with GSTM1 null genotypes, metabolic GSTP1 lle/Val and PON1 Q192R and L55M genes were found to modulate DNA damage.
The genetic polymorphism analyses for the GSTM1 gene was determined by the multiplex polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using the previously described method [19].
Scientists have seen compounds in this vegetable stop ovarian, colon, breast and prostate cancer cells from spreading (in a lab, and hopefully also in your body) by turning on your GSTM1 gene.
GSTM1 genotyping was done by PCR and PCBs were estimated by gas chromatography.
Eating the vegetable was found to have a profound genetic effect which reduced the risk of prostate cancer among those with the GSTM1 gene.
Aber die Halfte der Bevolkerung verfugt nicht uber das Gen GSTM1 und scheint dadurch durch die Aufnahme von normalem Brokkoli nicht den gleichen Schutz vor Krebs zu erhalten.
Professor Richard Mithen said: "Eating a few portions of broccoli each week may help to reduce the risk of cancer"Some individuals, who lack a gene called GSTM1, appear to get less cancer protection from broccoli than those who have the gene.
The patent also describes how a mutation in the GSTM1 gene affects drug metabolism.