GSTOGlutathione S-Transferase Omega (gene)
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To address the need for genetic association studies aimed at testing the hypothesis of the existence of genetic determinants of interindividual variability in human arsenic metabolism, we used existing polymorphism catalogs for GSTO and PNP, produced a resequencing-derived catalog of polymorphisms in CYT19 (no such resequencing-based catalog was publicly available), and tested 23 polymorphic sites within these three genes in a population of arsenic-exposed subjects from the Yaqui Valley area of Sonora, Mexico, who had been phenotyped for the levels of urinary metabolites of arsenic.
We have previously published the resequencing results for GSTO and PNP (Yu et al.
Gene Site D:M ratio GSTO 1859 NS GSTO -1242 NS GSTO 5711 NS GSTO 8102 NS GSTO 8147 NS PNP -1626 NS PNP -1545 NS PNP 567 NS PNP 2934 NS PNP 3746 NS PNP 5837 NS PNP 6760 NS PNP 7821 NS CYT19 -400 NS CYT19 -262 NS CYT19 49 NS CYT19 2393 0.