GSTQGod Save The Queen
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The good news is that no one seems to be opposed to ditching GSTQ, apart from that aristocratic ventriloquist's dummy Jacob Rees-Mogg, who told the Commons it was a vital link to our "immemorial history" and if we scrapped it "we may as well go the whole hog".
GSTQ is a religious anthem sung to the glory of one person, the reigning monarch.
Many are disgusted that GSTQ maybe forcibly dropped - an attitude I don't quite understand, given it's the anthem of a team we'd surely love to do over should we meet them during the tournament.
Tweeting after the fight he said: "So I said that's not my anthem, so who cares, it's not NI hasn't got one educate yourselves, football is GSTQ so make your minds up
I suspect a vocal minority would insist on giving Windsor an unofficial rendition of GSTQ if it were ever removed from the pre-match ritual.