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GTAPGlobal Trade Analysis Project
GTAPGannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (China)
GTAPGlobal Trade, Assistance, and Production (Purdue University; Indiana)
GTAPGlobal Talent Acceleration Program (Cisco)
GTAPGlobal Technical Assistance Program
GTAPGlobal Trade Analysis Programme (database; trade statistics)
GTAPGraduate Technical Assistance Program (Arizona State University)
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Global trade, assistance, and production: The GTAP 8 data base, center for Global Trade Analysis.
16) In terms of technology, for example, in addition to the EViews, the provision of commonly used fundamental econometric research tools such as MICROFIT, SAS and GTAP, as well as referencing software like End Note may be helpful.
Like all general equilibrium models, the GTAP model is homogeneous of degree zero.
The simulation results from the GTAP analysis revealed that a tariff reduction in all goods trade would be more beneficial for both the countries than the tariff reduction in each other's specialized products.
The GTAP model is a multicommodity, multi-region computable general equilibrium model (Hertel 1997).
En cuanto al modelo multipais que se utiliza en general se sigue la estructura del modelo GTAPinGAMS (9) o del modelo GTAP (10), aunque algunos autores han desarrollado su propio modelo multipais (Bussolo y Roland-Holst, 1999).
This is accomplished in the GTAP model by fixing the trade balance, and freeing up either S or I.
The combustion-based CO2 emissions data for GTAP Version 7 Data Base, Center for Global for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue Universty: West Lafayette.
al (2010) use a GTAP framework to model actual tariff concessions given by SAPTA members during SAPTA-1, SAPTA-2, and SAPTA-3 to find that SAPTA would lead smaller members to lose substantially, both in terms of welfare and efficiency.