GTCIGrupo Técnico de Coordinación Interinstitucional (Spanish: Technical Group of the Interagency; Social Camisea Gas Project; Peru)
GTCIGopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative
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Evans, the academic director and co-editor of the GTCI, said that collaborative problem-solving will become a vital fourth criterion for evaluating schools.
Switzerland and Singapore occupy the top spots in GTCI 2017, with four Nordic countries in the top 10 (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway).
Le GTCI evalue la maniere dont les pays forment, attirent et retiennent les talents.
There has been little change in the top 20 since the release of the last edition of the GTCI report, with the exception of Czech Republic (20) entering this group, New Zealand improving its performance significantly, while Canada and Ireland saw modest declines.
To help them making the right decisions in an increasingly complex environment, we need the kind of indicators and metrics that GTCI offers.
Historicamente La Convencion ha sido una de las zonas de mayor conflicto social en el Peru, lo que explica en gran medida algunas caracteristicas del sector agrario, el modelo cooperativista, su sentido de identidad y el fuerte movimiento campesino que aun hoy existe (MPLC, 2001; GTCI La Convencion, 2005)
The GTCI report found that Singapore and the United States are in the second and third positions in terms of talent competitiveness.
The 20 top-scoring countries in the GTCI 2014 are all high-income countries.
In the MENA region, the UAE is the only strong performer across all six pillars of the index; this explains why it ranks in the top twenty GTCI countries in the world," said Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director for Global Indices, INSEAD, and co-author of the report.