GTEPGeorgia Train and Equip Program
GTEPGraduate Teacher Education Program
GTEPGatsby Technical Education Projects (London, England, UK)
GTEPGuaranteed Training Enlistment Program
GTEPGuide to Traffic Engineering Practice (Australia)
GTEPGlobal Training and Education Partnership (UK)
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Each of the teachers had student teachers from GTEP placed in their classrooms.
I supervised student teachers on site for the GTEP and led weekly support group meetings for cooperating teachers.
When first introduced to the GTEP program, preservice teachers were told that their cohort would be a "technology" cohort, and that they would use technology in their practice teaching and develop an electronic version of their final work sample portfolio.
107) GTEP was funded from a variety of sources, including Foreign Military Financing, International Military Education and Training, Peacekeeping Operations, border security and other foreign operations appropriations for FY2002 through FY2004; FMF in the 2002 Supplemental Appropriations Act (P.
Embassy News: GTEP Program Graduates Last Group of Georgian Soldiers, April 24, 2004.
112) According to Charles Western, Commander of Task Force GTEP, during Georgia's late 2003 "rose revolution," "the GTEP battalions told us that they did not want to use their troops against their own people," and this "may have had an influence on the Defense Minister's decision not to use force.
officials deemed GTEP a model for programs planned for other countries and praised its contribution to Georgia's deployment of a 550-member infantry battalion to Iraq in March 2005, which boosted the number of its troops there from about 300 to about 850.
In 2004, USEUCOM developed a follow-on program to GTEP termed the Georgian Sustainment and Stability Operations Program (SSOP), for reasons that included helping Georgia sustain increased troop deployments to Iraq.
assistance programs" and that troops trained under GTEP and SSOP "constitute the core of the Georgian Army.
79) Some Georgian legislators have raised concerns that many troops in the first battalion trained under GTEP did not re-enlist when their service contracts ended in 2005, resulting in a loss of expertise among active duty personnel.
118) In 2007 and again in 2010 as part of a sector-wide review of small firms which were known to have advised on GTEPs and UCISs, the former FSA reviewed Bayliss's compliance arrangements and the standards of investment advice it had provided to clients.