GTFSGeneral Transit Feed Specification
GTFSGulf Test Factory Services (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
GTFSGoogle the Following String
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132) However, timetable data organized chronologically does not reflect an original arrangement, nor does data organized according to a standard specification, such as the GTFS.
227) In North America the GTFS for static data is now dominant, while the real-time context is still evolving.
Note that Microsoft's Bing Maps also now uses transit data in the GTFS format.
supra note 48, at 7; Bibiana McHugh, Pioneering Open Data Standards: The GTFS Story, in Beyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation 125,132 (Brett Goldstein & Lauren Dyson eds.
As noted above, the GTFS was initially developed by Google in conjunction with Portland's TriMet transit authority.
See McHugh, supra note 50 (providing an account of the development of the GTFS standard for static transit data); Rojas, supra note 8, at 20-22 (stating these developments led to a greater push for open transit data).
The MOUTD is interested in acquiring the services described in the unsolicited proposal for GTFS Management Services, and wishes to provide an adequate opportunity for interested parties to comment or submit competing proposals.