GTMOGuantanamo Bay (Cuba)
GTMOGhana Timber Millers Organization
GTMOGoddard Technology Management Office (US NASA)
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President Trump's vow to bring IS detainees to GTMO produced a fourth urgent reason for Congress to act.
I did know that just a month before I met my client, three prisoners, including another man from Yemen, died at GTMO on the same day.
JTF GTMO showcases the competency and capability of military police in performing the roles to which they are assigned.
When thought of as a dialectical exchange between independent self-conscious actors, argumentation in GTMO is simply not possible.
Most obviously, his modest but eloquently articulated efforts to close down GTMO and try Al-Qaeda leaders like Khalid Sheik Mohammed in federal court were aggressively rebuffed by Congress, which quickly and overwhelmingly moved to prohibit him from transferring detainees to prisons within the U.
When Obama tried to close GTMO and to conduct criminal trials of GTMO detainees, Congress pushed back hard through legislation and effectively stopped the president from doing so.
Now at GTMO, his third deployment, this "trained killer" goes to work every day and stands five to ten feet from men he recognizes as the enemy, men responsible for insurmountable damage to his friends' minds, men who day in and day out fling everything at him from holy curses to fresh feces.
Many of the GTMO detainees who are classified as "enemy combatant" are actually POWs because they were captured not from the cities of New York or London but from Afghanistan and its vicinity, the theater on the war on terror.
The facility is often referred to as Guantanamo, G-Bay or Gitmo, and has the military abbreviation GTMO.
These documents contain classified information about current and former GTMO detainees, and we strongly condemn the leaking of this sensitive information," they stressed.
com/article/idUSN1337894520080814 (same); see also Nicole Barrett, The GTMO "Incentive Program," ACSBLOG (Aug.