GTPOSGrupo de Trabalho e Pesquisa em Orientação Sexual (Brazil)
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What's more, retailers can use Lab$ense to change graphics, colors and promotions on their GTPOS websites.
Administration Tools - Users can change information on their GTPOS website, kiosks, and Kiosk@Home software through the Lab$ense portal so all of the connected devices have the most up-to-date information on pricing, promotions, graphics and other marketing content.
The number and type of orders placed each day, week, month -- Thorough analysis of the manner in which orders are placed (through GetPix kiosk order terminal or Digital Dropbox, GTPOS, Get the Picture Mobile Service, Kiosk@Home, or Microsoft XP/Vista Print Wizard) -- Financial reports segmented by quantity of prints, order origination, and total order price.