GTPPGeneric Tax Policy Process (New Zealand)
GTPPGeothermal Power Plant
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The Team includes patent lawyers from GTPP with degrees and industry experience in electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering; biochemistry, computer science, and more, as well as trial lawyers from NKMS who have experience litigating patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, and restrictive covenant matters across the country.
About 115 people are employed by GTPP at the Peterlee factory.
Under this agreement, the GTPP partners in China will deploy LANscape products in telemedicine applications within their own communication networks and will be targeting China's National Golden Health Network, in which GTPP participates," said Keith Smith, vice president and general manager of Intelect Visual Communications, the division producing LANscape.
One part of this network, the Liaoning Golden Health Medical Network, is already a partner in the GTPP.
This press release contained some false information about a so-called business partnership between China Golden Health Medical Network and GTPP, said GHMNC Vice President Liu Yinghua.
GTPP has never participated in the China Golden Health Medical Network and is not a partner of the Liaoning Branch of GHMNC.
Novokuznetskaya GTPP is a unique power generating project not only for Kuzbass, but for all the Siberian Federal District.
Participation of Power Machines in realization of the project on supplying equipment for Novokuznetskaya GTPP is a continuation of successful cooperation with SGC, as Power Machines have also been a supplier of power generating equipment for Belovskaya and Tom-Usinskaya SDPPs supplying two turbines with capacity of 225 MW with two turbogenerators for them for the units No.