GTPSGovernment Telephone Preference Scheme (British system for limiting outgoing calls from landlines if the network is overloaded during an emergency)
GTPSGreater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome
GTPSGigatransfers Per Second
GTPSGroupe de Travail de Pyrotechnie (French: Pyrotechnical Working Group)
GTPSGhorasal Thermal Power Station
GTPSGlobal Transfer Pricing Service (accounting and auditing)
GTPSGraham Taylor Photography Services
GTPSgo together pay separate
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Measurement of Water Contents of New GTPS, New BTPS, and Plasticizers
The GTPS and BTPS samples were pressured to transparent slices at 10 MPa and 100[degrees]C using the Flat Sulfuration Machine (a compression molder).
The original water content (k) of GTPS or BTPS was calculated as follows:
Measurement of Water Contents of GTPS and BTPS Stored at Different Relative Humidities (RHs) for a Period
The bars of GTPS and BTPS were stored in closed containers in the presence of different salt solutions, i.
H]-type crystalline was formed in both GTPS and BTPS.
4a, 4b, and 4c, at the same RH, the balance water content of GTPS was higher than that of BTPS.
In March 2005, GTPS opened its first Atlanta-area PGA TOUR Superstore in Roswell, which has since been joined by three more Atlanta Superstores in Kennesaw, Duluth and Buckhead, and two stores in greater Dallas in Plano and Frisco.
GTPS is the PGA TOUR's exclusive partner for off-course/off-airport and online golf retailing.