GTRAGolden Triangle Regional Airport (Mississippi)
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Y por otro, se muestran una relacion negativa ante la anticipacion del cese de la actividad, al igual que en el modelo del ano 2009, mediante la GCLI; ii) los trabajadores poseen una relacion positiva y significativa con la probabilidad de anticipar el fracaso o cese de la actividad empresarial, explicada por TRA y GTRA.
En el ano 2006 (cuatro anos antes del fracaso), el modelo esta compuesto por las variables C2, GTRA, GACC y DACR, que influyen de manera positiva y significativa en la averiguacion de una futura situacion de fracaso o cese de la actividad empresarial.
GTRA is thrilled to see Actuate be recognized in the government IT community as a 'Top Solution Provider to Watch for in 2012'," said Kelly Yocum, CEO and co-founder of GTRA.
IT is quite literally the foundation that allows the US Government to serve and protect the nation and its citizens," said Parham Eftekhari, GTRA Co-founder and director of research.
We are honored to be recognized by the GTRA with this GOVTek award," said Nobby Akiha, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Actuate Corporation.
Prior to then, nominees from civilian/defense/intelligence agencies and industry will be evaluated by GTRA Council Members and given recognition in the areas most relevant to government IT today -- including social media, infrastructure, leadership, cyber security, green IT, and transparency.
At the GTRA meeting, Fiberlink will explain how federal agencies can leverage cloud computing to quickly and securely meet the goals of the new administration, and we'll demonstrate how MaaS360 can support and secure these mobile devices to eliminate the risks associated with enterprise mobility.
The GTRA Technology Council Meeting helps government IT leaders develop strategies and identify technologies to support today's most pressing challenges, including cyber security, information sharing, mobility, infrastructure modernization and military/government/industry/international collaboration.
The mission of the annual SecureGOV 2008 GTRA Symposium is to bring together leaders from across the federal government who specialize in security, privacy, and compliance and create an environment where they are able to collaborate, learn from one another, and return to their respective agencies to implement change which will have a positive impact on their agency's security.