GTSOGeorgia Tech Symphony Orchestra
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With funding and assistance from GTSO, we envision Chilerecicla potentially emerging as the leader of the pack in a nation where demand for e-waste recycling is growing at an unbelievable rate," he added.
In addition to acquiring its domestic recycling operation last year, Global Urban Mining (GUM), GTSO has also completed initial due diligence on a medium-scale recycling operation in Chile and will begin early stages of partnership negotiations this week with its executive management team.
Late last year, GTSO acquired the company Green Urban Mining to handle the company's recycling and resale operations.
This company is growing very quickly," said GTSO CEO Paul Watson.
That's why GTSO is hard at work developing the right partnerships in nations such as these to install efficient new recycling infrastructure to tackle the e-waste problem.
We're looking for partners that can provide comprehensive management services and processes for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment in Chile," said GTSO CEO Paul Watson.
The problem with e-waste that GTSO is working to solve is just that: waste.
GTSO is in the business of identifying and acquiring rights and companies -- in the early stage -- with the plan to develop these technological advances and findings into marketable products, with a keen focus on rare and precious minerals.
Cell phones have traditionally been--and continue to be--the backbone of profitable e-waste recycling streams," said GTSO CEO Paul Watson.
The enormous growth potential of the urban mining sector initially attracted GTSO to Global Cell Buyers.
Last month, the company's mining subsidiary, GTSO Resources, signed a letter of intent to acquire Global Cell Buyers, an emerging U.
We believe we've struck gold inside of a cellphone," said GTSO CEO Paul Watson.