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GUDGreatest Uncommon Denominator (literary magazine)
GUDGas Und Dampf (German: gas and steam)
GUDGroupe Union Défense
GUDGeographically Undesirable (dating)
GUDGiving-Up Density
GUDGenitourinary Dysplasia
GUDGasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH
GUDGestion de l'Union Douaniere
GUDGas und Dampfturbinen (German: Gas and Steam Turbine; power plants)
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A systematic review was conducted to identify all relevant studies that examined the etiology of GUD and nongenital skin ulcers involving H.
According to different properties determined, urea fertilizer granule coated with xanthan gum and diatomite (XUD) exhibited beneficial water retention and water absorbency capacity as well as nutrients slow release efficiency compared to TUD and GUD SRFs.
He was heterosexual, denied unsafe sexual practices, and had no history of previous STIs, antibiotic use, and recurrent STIs or GUD.
For example, even though Studio Hamburg is owned by ARD regional member station NDR, the same broadcasting organization was instrumental in the creation of GUD.
The rates of positive syphilis and HIV serology among patients with different GUD aetiologies are shown in Table II.
The quitting-harvest-rate (g millet/hr) for any GUD is found by converting seconds to hours, then substituting a and h into the disc equation (Kotler and Brown 1990).
Expansion of Kot Addu, a gas-turbine power plant fired like Rousch, to form a GUD Plant (450 MW) will be completed before the end of this year.
Between 1986 and 1994, the relative prevalence of genital herpes rapidly increased among GUD patients co-infected with HIV: 0% in 1986, 4.
1] gene led to the emergence of the A5 clonal complex of SOR-, GUD+ O157:H7 strains, which then lost GUD expression, resulting in the prototypic O157:H7 clonal complex (A6).
TV movies (which have become one of Germany's best export genre) will also be available from GUD.