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GUDEGeneral Utility, Deck and Engine
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When we came to 'Here's a hand, my trusty frere', we all joined hands round the table; and when we declared we would 'take a right gude Willie Waught', and hadn't the least idea what it meant, we were really affected.
Then I'll just tak' my depairture," replies the other, "for I'm nae gude here
Ay ban as gude as dead already; but"--he hesitated--"Ay hate to think of the hyenas.
The Craig Fernie hottle is a faimily hottle--and has its ain gude name to keep up.
Sae long as the warld's the warld, I'll uphaud it any where--while there's siller in the purse, there's gude in the woman
Gude is currently an instructor at Michigan State University School of Journalism, and previously worked at Gulf News magazine and the Associated Press as the Director of Information Graphics.
One such campus is the University of South Florida, where Leonard Gude, director of Financial Aid, continuously looks for ways to increase data security.
Orston Bulman and Vera Gude, friends for 45 years, had always lived in Sunderland but never near each other.
When author Deborah Straw lost four animals to cancer, she became frustrated enough about the lack of information about the disease to investigate--and The Healthy Pet Manual: A Gude To The Prevention And Treatment Of Cancer is the result.
Yes--if you have a guide such as YOU CAN BANK ON YOUR VOICE: YOUR GUDE TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN VOICE-OVERS to reveal industry insider tips and common traps.
According to a later 17th Century tradition, a watching Scotsman muttered at the spectacle, "These people will spoil a gude King".
Dominic Zangari, Glen Cove, NY; Joe Reinke, Warren, PA; Lindsey Gude, St.