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Four intertidal sites along the French Atlantic coast were selected for a comparative morphometric study of interpopulation variation in the shell morphometries of Venerupis philippinarum: Banc du Guer, Morbihan Gulf, Bellevue, and Arcachon Bay (Fig.
Adjal: Course de rentree, mais n'etant pas depourvu de moyens, ce poulain de bonne qualite reste en mesure de se distin- guer d'entree.
Listen to Guer Marial speak to Sudan Tribune the day after his race.
Watson was perhaps expected to struggle against third seed Victoria Azarenka but the one-sided nature of the contest did little to enhance the reputation of the 19-year-old from Guer nsey.
Contract notice: Guer (56) - camp coE1/2tquidan - operating market and technical maintenance of the multi coetquidan vannes defense base.
De meme qu'il faudra tenir compte des chances de la jument Merha, qui malgre son absence momentanee des pistes n'en demeure pas moins une valeur sure pour venir se distin- guer d'entree.
Supply of liquefied gas in bulk and implementation of storage solution to the benefit of the food production center CoE1/2tquidan in Guer (56).
Supply of food for the benefit of the food production center CoE1/2tquidan (CPAC) based in Guer (56).
Supply disposable catering in favor of food production center CoE1/2tquidan (CPAC) based Guer 56.
Contract award: surveillance, access control and home entry bellevue camp of mount saint-cyr coE1/2tquidan in guer (56).
Market project management for construction in the municipality of Guer, a boarding school with a capacity of 160 beds and a wood boiler for all the needs of the school
In his opening remarks Alvino Mior Guer, the Director General for Establishment and Budget asked the participants to consider gender and regional balance to boost up unity and economic development of the new nation.