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To guess the exchange was one thing, to guess who did it quite another.
The time passed quickly away, and when the seven years were nearly ended two of them grew terribly anxious and frightened, but the third made light of it, saying, 'Don't be afraid, brothers, I wasn't born yesterday; I will guess the riddle.
Perhaps he might serve her; but never must she guess that he had found her or that he lived.
So now, when you hear the Frogs croaking in a particularly melancholy way, you may be sure they're trying to guess Bruno's next Shakespeare
She just tracks around with the boy and her nerves, trying to find out what'll amuse him, I guess.
To prolong and intensify the feeling he added: "I guess we're well enough here.
You're pretty fond of her, George, I guess, aren't you?
My brother's heart, as you term it, on the present occasion, I assure you I can only guess at.
Fangs, too, mighty fangs, he knew were close, and why they did not sink into his flesh he could not guess.
I could not believe that she was dead, yet where she might be in this savage world, and under what frightful conditions she might be living, I could not guess.
Two hundred would have been a charitable guess at her weight; her face was as round and red as a harvest-moon and almost as featureless.
What no one but a tulip-fancier, and an envious tulip-fancier, could have discovered, -- the existence of the bulbs and the endeavours of the prisoner, -- jealousy had enabled Boxtel, if not to discover, at least to guess.