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GUFFrench Guiana (ISO Country code)
GUFGlobal Union Federation
GUFGöteborgs Uppfinnareförening (German: Gothenburg Inventors Association)
GUFGeneralized Unpostable Framework
GUFGas Unaccounted For
GUFGene of Unknown Function
GUFGaming Union Forums (gaming community)
GUFGolden Ugly Face (band)
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Fishes of the Guf of Mexico: Texas, Louisiana, and adjacent waters (2nd ed.
Saleh arrived in Saudi Arabia Wednesday to sign the Guf Gulf Cooperation Council initiative.
The GUF research team consisted of university-based researchers and community partners who were co-investigators actively engaged in the research as well as study staff.
While the international pressure and organizing by the ICFTU'S successor, the ITUC, and the International Textile Workers GUF certainly helped improve the lot of Grupo M's Haitian workers for a time, the vast majority of the company's 13,000 employees remain non-union and all but the top ranks of the company earn poverty wages.
There were guf faws all round when host Angus Deayton, deputising for Ross, said he'd only got the gig because of "30,000 self-righteous tw**s complaining".
2) GUF ASX Announcement 8 August, 2011 - Hughenden Project Exploration Target