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GUFFGet Up-and-over Fan Fund (science fiction fandom fund)
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CEO of CTI, Andrey Pavlyutin, said : "Participation of such a global partner as Siguler Guff & Company will take our company to the next level.
As institutional investors look to deploy additional capital into private equity strategies, and as dynamic GPs and other principal investors look for innovative but respected sources of capital, our expanded presence in Europe makes Siguler Guff well-positioned to build upon our GP and LP relationships and to continue to grow our business globally.
Guff like Tony Cascarino's observation that Steven Gerrard's departure is the biggest blow to the club since Bill Shankly retired.
The report, Why Commercial Real Estate Investors Should Think Timing, Timing, Timing, was written by James Corl, managing director, Siguler Guff.
Simon Borrows, Chief Executive of 3i Group commented: We continue to see attractive investment opportunities in Brazil and are delighted to be making our second Brazilian investment in a strong business like Eoticas Carol alongside Neuberger Berman and Siguler Guff, our two co-investors.
And blaming Eddie Smith and the police for the leaking of the story is the same kind of 'see no ships' guff Rangers trotted out when they claimed sinister forces were at work within FARE the last time they were indicted.
He told the Commons: "I am sorry but all this nonsense talk about community triggers and community maps is just a load of guff.
BOOKING NOW Rod Stewart @ Liberty Stadium, Swansea (June 1) * FORGET all this sugary American Songbook guff he's been churning out just lately - very successfully as it goes - Rod's days fronting The Faces will remain legendary no matter how many Cole Porter tunes he massacres.
The defendants' lawyers in court proffer the usual guff about the guilty being full of remorse etc, but that remorse is just because they feel sorry for themselves having been found out.
BNY Mellon Asset Management, the asset management division of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (NYSE:BK) has said that it has acquired 20 percent of private equity firm Siguler Guff & Company Llc.
She don't take no guff from anybody," commented an old timer in Alaska when asked for his views on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
He obviously believes we are so simple-minded that we will actually believe all that guff about taking politics closer to the people and hearing their concerns at first hand.