GUHGeorgetown University Hospital (Washington, DC)
GUHGas Unit Heater
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Tony Canavan, GUH's chief operating officer, said there was one only MRI scanner at GUH and that all patients who need a scan are referred by a consultant.
But he stressed patients who require emergency radiology procedures are prioritised - and revealed GUH has an agreement with Merlin Park for MRI and CT scans.
It is also claimed GUH hospital staff were confused about who was responsible for acting on the test results and there is no record of a review of pulse, blood pressure, temperature or any other tests to check for early signs of infection.
Additionally, GUH achieved nursing magnet status in 2004, which Fitch believes reflects strong labor management practices.
Achievement of 2005 budgeted operating and capital spending goals without any deterioration to balance sheet indicators, and continued progress both operationally and financially at GUH could warrant positive movement in MedStar's rating.
The group will also include director of midwifery at Cork University Hospital Geraldine Keohane, consultant in infectious diseases at GUH Catherine Fleming and Brian Harte, consultant in anaesthetics at the same hospital where Savita and her unborn baby daughter died.
Bar code identification solutions are very valuable to institutions like GUH," said Dr.
GUH is home to the internationally-known Lombardi Cancer Center as well as nationally ranked programs in gynecology, cancer, digestive disorders, urology, rheumatology, neurology and neurosurgery and geriatrics.
In addition, MedStar is evaluating consolidation of certain services between WHC and GUH.
The downgrade reflects the continued concern over the successful integration of GUH into the system, a significant decline in unrestricted liquidity since fiscal year 1999, and Fitch's belief that MedStar will fail to meet budgeted goals in 2001.
Nonetheless, Fitch believes the importance of the successful turnaround of GUH is central to MedStar's long term success.