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GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIGolfing Union of Ireland
GUIGlobal Unique Identifier
GUIGraphics Unit Interface
GUIGulf United Investment
GUIgeneral utility index (zooarcheology)
GUIGaming Under the Influence (gaming clan)
GUIGyroscopic Upper Stage
GUIGovernment-University-Industry (partnership)
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BasemarkA GUI Free offers versatile result generation in form of off-screen, vertex streaming, blending and overall score of tests.
Incorporating leading-edge GUI development tools and libraries, PrismX is comprised of the PrismX Runtime Framework[TM], a full-featured GUI toolkit, PrismX Micro[TM], a GUI toolkit for monochrome to 8-bit color-depth targets, and PrismX Insight, a desktop GUI design and resource editing tool.
The image importing engine allows designers to create graphical content and layered graphics effects in their chosen tool and then drag and drop it to the GEMstudio workspace for creating reusable, resizable GUI components.
Eyelet GUI as a new optional component with the Precise/MQX RTOS, high-volume products requiring LCD type of displays can now be completely designed using Precise Solution.
Basemark[R] GUI Free offers a true graphical user interface benchmark for application developers and consumers who want to measure how fast their device's hardware performs in the context of graphical user interfaces.
Eyelet GUI also supports many compilers and debuggers, including those from ARM Limited, Cygnus Solutions, Diab-SDS (formerly Software Development Systems) and Metrowerks.
The Atlanta-based project team is delivering the GUI client to all IBM geographies over the next few months, along with the ability to customize the client to local needs and preferences.
Amulet's GEMexpress[TM] GUI OS boards, are available now and are priced at $69 in quantities of 5K units.
The user interface storyboard and graphics were created in two weeks and the entire production-ready GUI was then put together in just two days using GEMstudio[TM].
converting existing AS/400 applications to GUI and client/server, and
For customers looking for a drop-in GUI solution it's the best as all the hardware and software required to design and run the GUI are included.
GUI-Kit is a cross-platform GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkit for C and C++.