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In a ceremony celebrated on October 26th, Luis Eduardo Baron, President of the company, gratefully accepted the award, noting it is the same year his earliest publication, LA GUIA magazine, celebrates its 10th anniversary.
Their best known publications, 7DIAS and LA GUIA, set themselves apart from the rest for their high quality, relevant articles and commitment to the community.
CHICAGO, May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday May 17th, 2007 HYP Network's GUIA Directorio en Espanol, launched the 27th edition for the Chicagoland area in Lido Banquets located at Milwaukee Avenue.
Michael Schwartz, General Sales Manager of GUIA Directorio en Espanol, and Patrice Listfield, CEO of HYP Network, presented the $3,000 award and commemorative plaque to Reynaldo Rodriguez, winner of the competition.
Em situacoes reais, as perdas em trechos curtos de guias podem ser desprezadas, ou, se necessario, medidas.
Este dominio no ha sido contemplado por otros autores en anteriores Guias (5), por lo que aportamos un punto de innovacion con una herramienta que se suma a las ya existentes, para facilitar el manejo de las Taxonomias NANDA-NOC.