GUKGet Up Kids (band)
GUKGuanylate Kinase
GUKGana Unnayan Kendra (est. 1985; Bangladesh)
GUKGents Universitair Koor (Dutch: Ghent University Choir; Belgium)
GUKGibraltar Upgrade Kit
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GUK chief executive Francois-Xavier Boisseau said: "Trading conditions in the markets in which ChoiceQuote operates have been very tough throughout 2010.
The company said if its proposals proceed, it would be willing to offer affected staff relocation opportunities to other offices, including Carole Nash in Altrincham, the group's Glasgow office, or to other GUK broking subsidiaries.
GSK's agreements with both GUK and Alpharma have been found to have infringed the competition law prohibition on anti-competitive agreements and it has been fined a total of GBP37,606,275.
Also, the CMA said GSK's conduct infringed the competition law prohibition on abuse of a dominant position, by making payments to GUK, Alpharma and another company, Norton Healthcare Limited (IVAX), to induce them to delay their efforts to enter the UK paroxetine market independently of GSK.
An aggrieved Appleton involved GUK, whose Annette Crosbie has given it a high profile.
A lose/lose scenario, and somewhat convenient for GUK.
Mun In GUK 15 Kim Yong JUN 17 An Yong HAK 19 Ri Coi MYONG 22 Kim Kyong IL