GURDGenitourinary or Renal Disease
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This self-regulating economy of revised and dedicated texts also had salutary effects for the larger aristocratic community since it helped to foster and maintain cohesion and solidarity within this social group by facilitating a network of bonds among its members (Stroup 2010, 117-67; Gurd 2012, 74-6).
On application of modified Gurd and Wilson criteria, (7, 8) (Table 1) it was found that three major criteria of hypoxemia, central nervous system depression disproportionate to hypoxemia and pulmonary oedema, along with four minor criteria of tachycardia, pyrexia, oliguria and thrombocytopenia were present.
Retired police chief inspector Ed Gurd, 64, who was on the cruise with his wife Liz, 58, said he was "surprised" at hearing that the captain was ordered not to abandon the ship after it hit the rocks but had apparently already done so.
However, in many words the back vowels are not fronted: du ('two'), dud ('smoke'), dut ('daughter'), gurd ebiggen, gurg ('wolf'), kur ('blind'), ruj ('day'), to ('you'), u ('thar), xuza ('god'), zevun ('tongue'), zumad ('son-in-law');--(verbal stems) duv-('run'), gu-('wanr) cf.
The other Voices: Interpreters and Investigators of Sexual Violence in International Criminal Prosecutions", chapter XIII, en Durham & Gurd, supra, nota 3, pp.
ROBERT GURD 82 Marls Road, Botley, Southampton, SO30 2NZ
85) Kelly Dawn Askin, 'The jurisprudence of the international war crimes tribunals' in Helen Durham and Tracey Gurd (eds), Listening to the Silences: Women and War (2005) 132.
Thus, Gurd (2007) defends the use of accounting systems, always provided that they are adapted to the changes caused by society, even commenting on and defining "social accounting".
WOMAN: Gamalic dir hursit frill pict kimmil dist rolio gurd hamit hanan eyel freet sorat pul dact raat:
199) Tracey Gurd, Outreach in Cambodia: An Opportunity too Good to Miss, in Open Society Justice Initiative, JUSTICE INITIATIVES: THE EXTRAORDINARY CHAMBERS (Open Society Justice Initiative) (Apr.
Totesport - how will Ronaldo break Gurd Muller's goalscoring record: 11-10 right foot, 5-2 left foot, 11-2 header, 66 backside, 4 won't do it.
from Nim and Gurd Mattu, Londis retailer, Doncaster