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GURNGlobal Union Research Network
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Jaydene from Barry makes use of the Klingon wig, just as her dad Curt did previously for our gurning gallery, but the lazy-eyed gurn with pursed lips fails to land top marks on our gurnometer.
In that competition, entrants are allowed to enhance their gurns with funny noises, although ours was judged strictly on looks.
Former athlete Jamie Baulch squelches the more difficult Mick Jagger-style gurn - but it's not hard to contort your features when Stuart Cable plants you with a pecker.
GURN RACIN IN IN IN ING J Z ll f RACING J Zara pulls a face
SHE has inherited his wicked sense of humour and can still do the famous gurn.
GURN,BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Jungle Queen Kerry McFadden pulls faces at the crowd in Dublin yesterday
The frenetic funnyman is a one-man walking perspiration factory working double-shifts, coming across as awkward as a bag of coat hangers on stage with his trick bag full of gurns and pratfalls, shiny shoes, a badly-fitting suit and wire-wool hair.
Contact TIC Gurns on tel +1 41- 273 7300 or visit ticgums.
But their gurns turned to cheers of celebration when it was announced Helen had won the title and Kerry was placed third.
Campbell gurned some impressive gurns and said "Blah de blah de blah" - which was the right response.
JUST SAY NO: Jim gurns his way through another lacklustre comedy
Leading man Cedric the Entertainer gurns furiously to camera and flings himself into the various set-pieces with gusto.