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GURTGeorgetown University Round Table (languages and linguistics; Washington, DC)
GURTGenetic Use Restriction Technology
GURTGiant Ukrainian Radio Telescope
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The GURT will result in the production of sterile seeds, eliminating the problem associated with the dispersion of the GM trait during harvest or transportation; and therefore, containing the gene flow to relative species (GRESSEL & VALVERDE, 2009; SANG et al.
Management of cover crops can also be benefited with GURT resulting in the autonomous plant death in the flowering stage eliminating the requirement for herbicide use.
One of the main claims against the marketing of GURT technology is that the producers would become dependent on the multinational holding technology, since the seeds produced are not viable for the next crop season.
After a period of approximately 15 years of forgetfulness, the discussions about the use of GURTs have recently been restarted.
The differences between the two classes of GURTs consist in particularities regarding the development and utilization.
35) This section first examines how the development of GURTs has led to increased regulation.
37) In essence, GURTs have the potential to extend intellectual property protection beyond the length provided by statute.
The threats associated with GURTs specifically include many of the same risks posed by GMOs in general.
Because GURTs are a subset of GMOs, any proposal for the regulation of GURTs should be made within the context of the existing regulatory framework governing GMOs.
42) BOST; CAMPO Y GURT (1983) con una recopilacion de hallazgos.
56) Sigo la relacion de piezas ofrecida en BOST; CAMPO y GURT (1983, p.
made what Mooney calls a "strong statement" to the CBD, warning that countries that enact moratoriums against GURTs could face economic sanctions.