GUSCOGulu Support the Children Organisation (Uganda)
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A representative from GUSCO Energy walked me through the benefits of LED and helped me prepare that information for presentation to my superintendent and the Board of Education," says Smith.
To properly track impact, the team from GUSCO Energy provided photometric layouts and an comprehensive energy analysis for every area.
Consumers Energy supports the upgrade with an incentive and additionally because GUSCO was able in their design to cut our energy 76% we will, according to our company accountant, be eligible for a 179D tax deduction.
I'm sure our customers will appreciate our green initiative,” says Ed and emphatically states, “For the sake of our environment, your employees and your pocketbook, I would encourage every auto repair facility to contact Steven at GUSCO 269-779-6005 and learn what the savings are for your establishment.
The extensive activities carried out by GUSCO have also led to a far larger than anticipated call by the paper industry for samples.
GUSCO Handel of Hamburg, a subsidiary of family owned G.
The broad experience of GUSCO in the paper industry gained from its' wide customer relations developed over many years, made them spot the unique growth opportunity presented by Calcitech SCC.