GUSSGlasgow University Sonology Site (veterinary medicine; UK)
GUSSGNU's Universal System Simulator (software project)
GUSSGeneric UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Supervisory Segment
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A technology like this could be instrumental in how the Marines of the future fight," said Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division GUSS project lead Elizabeth Carlson in a Navy press release more than four years ago.
By performing an early and systematic screening with the GUSS method and intensified oral hygiene, the primary end point of this study was to investigate if the incidence of x-ray verified aspiration pneumonia could be reduced in hospitalized dysphagic stroke patients.
The GUSS method for dysphagia screening was implemented, and all intervention patients were screened by the nursing staff immediately after admission and before oral administration of nutrition or fluids.
The GUSS is designed as a scoring system from 0 to 20 points that classifies degrees of dysphagia and aspiration risk into four categories, severe, moderate, mild, and no dysphagia, where a score of less than 10 indicates severely reduced swallowing capabilities.
The GUSS [27] is a simple evaluation that allows the classification of dysphagia with individualized and serial evaluations of the three basic textures.
However, as the GUSS scale is a screening protocol as well as other clinical tools, it cannot identify silent aspiration, which is evidenced by objective tests [2,17,27,29].
In this context, the speech evaluation with GUSS has allowed the early release of semisolid food and, consequently, the maintenance of post-acute stroke patients exclusively with oral feeding, without the need for an alternative way of feeding.
Marines testing the GUSS vehicle at Fort Pickett were impressed by the technology but less enamored with its potential usefulness in combat.
It's way too loud and gives away our position," Powers, who is in charge of operating the GUSS for his unit, said.
In the midst of workflow restructuring, the Bay City Times, Ann Arbor News, and Saginaw News chose GUSS OPI.
Designed for resupply missions, casualty evacuation and carrying gear, GUSS functions in three modes: tele-operated, semi-autonomous and autonomous.
By looking through the viewfinder and pressing a button, they can send GUSS to a designated location.