GUSSGlasgow University Sonology Site (veterinary medicine; UK)
GUSSGNU's Universal System Simulator (software project)
GUSSGeneric UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Supervisory Segment
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The GUSS is designed as a scoring system from 0 to 20 points that classifies degrees of dysphagia and aspiration risk into four categories, severe, moderate, mild, and no dysphagia, where a score of less than 10 indicates severely reduced swallowing capabilities.
48 and 1 regarding the four GUSS scoring categories.
Because patients in the intervention and the internal control groups were placed at the same stroke unit at two consecutive time points and in general exposed to the same personnel, treatment variations other than the GUSS method and intensified oral hygiene are considered to be minimal.
We found good agreements regarding interrater reliabilities of screening with GUSS within all categories of cutoffpoints, and our high interrater kappa values may be because of the robust criteria of GUSS providing a narrow field for interpretation.
Dysphagia identification was performed using the clinical screening tool GUSS and the associated nutrition recommendations together with intensified oral hygiene.
It's way too loud and gives away our position," Powers, who is in charge of operating the GUSS for his unit, said.
If I can put all that stuff on the GUSS, I can move a lot faster when the enemy comes at us.
By looking through the viewfinder and pressing a button, they can send GUSS to a designated location.
The lab developed four GUSS units, with the fourth vehicle carrying a tele-operated M240G machine gun system called the modular advanced armed robotic system, or MAARS.
Benjamin Johns, a squad leader in 2/3's 3rd Platoon, Golf Company, went on hours-long patrols with GUSS.
Unlike his peers who were operating 30 miles north in the Kahukus Training Area without any vehicles to help them carry water, Johns' squad was able to load 20 gallons onto GUSS and have it travel alongside the troops on patrol.
GUSS comments, We re always looking for new opportunities for our clients and this is an industry game-changer.