GWAHSGreater Western Area Health Service (New South Wales, Australia)
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The NSWNA will keep up pressure on the GWAHS to ensure it fully implements the report's recommendations,' said Brett.
In what appears to be becoming standard practice for the GWAHS when contemplating restructures, nurses and community members had little or no consultation prior to the announcement.
In the latest attempt to cut costs, the GWAHS had planned to completely restructure the NUMs across Dubbo Base Hospital.
Once the NSWNA demonstrated to the GWAHS the impracticalities and inefficiencies of such an amalgamation on an isolated community health service already at minimum staffing, the plans were dropped immediately.
The GWAHS has currently earmarked 11 FTE positions in our cluster so we will need to keep up the fight.
The back down by GWAHS represents a big win for nurses who have been fighting for the extra staffing in the ED for years.
Dr Brown said GWAHS was throwing its support behind tobacco retailers by offering to assist with staff training.
Judith described the situation at the GWAHS as nothing short of a train wreck.
For months now, nurses across the whole GWAHS have been heroically holding the health service together amid severe supply shortages, dire staffing levels and ill-conceived management strategies,' she said.
We have never seen a situation like this before and the CEO of GWAHS must be held accountable.
The GWAHS has appointed an independent facilitator, Professor Shane Houston, to review the service's future but has made no commitment to retaining the service.
Meanwhile, Martha Waaka has little confidence in the assurances of the GWAHS following the closure the town's hospital in 1998.