GWAPGame with a Purpose
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Our work shares similarities with the Gopher Game [4], MobiMissions [9], GWAPs [27] and other such applications in that we aim to investigate the use of games for content sharing.
Trainor missed part of the story, because some powerful uniformed leaders in the Air Force wanted GWAPS suppressed and its official historian was their tool (not, incidentally, that he disagreed).
We're pleased with how seriously GWAPS takes their responsibility not only to protect our intellectual property in China, but also to be a proactive advocate for our technology in that country," stated Cyclone's General Counsel, Christopher Nelson.
We see this innovative biomass-to-power generator system as the first piece in a long and fruitful working relationship with Cyclone," stated Robert Devine, Managing Director of GWAPS "The Chinese government has set an installed capacity target of 30GW of biomass-generated power by 2020, with expected investment approaching US$30 billion.
The Air Force did not commission the GWAPS until almost six months after Desert Storm ended.
The Army Air Corps supported the USSBS, and the USAF endorsed the GWAPS and AWOS but never published comprehensive postwar appraisals of the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
GWAPS has agreed to pay Cyclone $125,000 in development fees, an additional $400,000 in licensing fees, and then on-going royalties from the sale of Cyclone engines for use in electric power production in China.
If Cyclone and GWAPS can deliver the first reliable, cost-effective distributed biomass power solution as part of this rollout, the market is basically endless.
GWAPS is very pleased to be working together with the Cyclone team on this opportunity.