GWASGenome-Wide Association Study
GWASGreat Western Ambulance Service (UK National Health Service)
GWASGreat Western Alpaca Show (Denver, CO)
GWASGelicon Web Application Server (Gelicon Pro Ltd.; Perm, Russia)
GWASGame Was A Success (gaming slang)
GWASGenerator and Waste Acceptance Services
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As a VARI professor, Coetzee will use GWAS and post-GWAS functional characterization to determine which SNPs truly are associated with the risk of developing Parkinson's and how they are linked to disease onset.
In each sex group (365 male, 204 female, and 133 castrated male), we standardized the values to z-score separately for GWAS.
The team carried out GWAS on 993 laryngeal cancer patients.
There were some pathways that we knew were important, but had not come out in previous GWAS," says Hirschhorn, who is also an endocrinologist at Boston Children's.
GWAS do not detect minor gene variants that may, with other gene variants, singly or collectively be involved in control of HIV-1 infection.
To objectively answer the question, do GWAS CHD SNPs predict CHD in T2D?
In the case of prostate cancer risk, there at least 11 different GWAS publications, and the researchers from those studies used either Affymetrix, Illumina, or both platforms in their work.
A recent deep analysis of GWAS data for RA also has revealed that there is a large component of very weak risk contained in the genomes of RA patient populations.
GWAS and both hospitals dealing with the casualties declared a major incident.
Dr Ossie Rawstorne, GWAS clinical director, said: "We welcome this report.
Kunkel and Vieira partnered with Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, PhD, at the Broad Institute to conduct the GWAS research.