GWASGenome-Wide Association Study
GWASGreat Western Ambulance Service (UK National Health Service)
GWASGreat Western Alpaca Show (Denver, CO)
GWASGelicon Web Application Server (Gelicon Pro Ltd.; Perm, Russia)
GWASGame Was A Success (gaming slang)
GWASGenerator and Waste Acceptance Services
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9],[10],[11] In addition, a series of GWAS analyses had discovered several risk loci within transcription regulation genes.
With the development of high throughput SNP genotyping technologies, the GWAS has become a routine approach for investigating mutations underlying complex traits.
2] Nonstandard abbreviations: cTnI, cardiac troponin I; BNP, B-type natriuretic; GWAS, genome wide association studies; EMR, electronic medicine record.
A GWAS study is more likely to find the correct genetic mutations that cause a disease as more genomes are mapped.
We were not only able to assign a high number of individual genes to DNA markers previously identified by GWAS but also, and quite unexpectedly, we found that many of these downstream genes appeared in disease-causal gene regulatory networks that were shared across tissues and diseases.
As we all know, GWAS is an efficient method to understand genetic underpinnings of genetic complicated disease that are not based on prior knowledge; however, false positive results may be produced in the meantime [14].
Therefore, the current study has aimed to replicate the association of three amino acid substitution SNPs identified by fine mapped loci of GWAS results of European populations to question their implication in CD development among Saudi Arabian patients.
Dado que numerosas variantes de susceptibilidad no alcanzan significacion a nivel genomico, el siguiente paso logico es la deteccion de grupos de genes funcionalmente relacionados que esten representados en exceso entre los valores mas significativos de un GWAS.
The team carried out GWAS on 993 laryngeal cancer patients.
Therefore, the current method of choice for genome-wide screening of disease genes in the world is GWAS.
Thus, GWAS is potentially an important tool for understanding the biological underpinnings of schizophrenia.