GWVAGamewardens of Vietnam Association, Inc.
GWVAGreat Waters Vexillological Association
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57) Following the war he was in on the founding of the GWVA and had thereafter served as vice-president of the organization (he was Dominion Secretary-Treasurer in 1932).
Adams of the GWVA, which had strongly supported the introduction of Commission of Government, forwarded to the new administration a resolution urging it to lift the suspension of work on the projected war history and get on with the job.
A representative of the GWVA blamed the government for this perception.
A Saskatchewan farmer who read the Winnipeg Free Press was "shocked" to learn in March 1919 that the GWVA was now advocating the "confiscation" of Indian reserves for returned soldiers.
Although the GWVA claimed neutrality, its men made up their own minds and took sides - not all returned men were pro-strike.