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exe runs in the background anyway unless you kill it via GWX Control Panel or Task Manager (and it restarts itself if all you use is Task Manager, so not much luck there.
A flat-dish design, the GWX 68 is offered in 10--and 12-inch antenna sizes to accommodate a wide variety of light twins and high-flying singles and is stabilized.
Compared to earlier generation magnetron-based weather radar systems, the digital GWX 70 offers significant improvements in capability, reliability and cost of ownership.
The GWX 70's compact, all-in-one antenna/receiver/transmitter is designed for easy installation in a wide variety of aircraft.
The GWX 70 offers horizontal scan angles of up to 120 degrees.
Ground clutter suppression is also available as an option, which allows the GWX 70 to separate radar ground returns and remove them from the display, so the pilot can focus on the weather of interest.
The GWX 70 will be compatible with a breadth of Garmin multifunction displays including the GTN[TM] series touchscreen avionics, the G1000[R], G2000, G3000 and G5000 integrated flight decks, the G500/G600, the MX 20 and the GMX 200.
Garmin's new GWX 68 is the first new ship's radar design we've seen in years, but its roots extend back many years.
To address high repair costs, the major components in the GWX 68 promise to have a longer time between failure, thanks to improved manufacturing methods that didn't exist 20 years ago.
The GWX 68 sports a hefty 6500 watts--about 3000 to 4000 watts of nominal power is the norm for other mid-market radar systems.
With the GWX 68 in vertical scan mode, the antenna scans through a 60-degree vertical arc.