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GXLGraphics Library
GXLGraph Exchange Language
GXLGraph eXchange Language (based on XML)
GXLGames Xtreme League (gaming; Singapore)
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Designed to increase the longevity of total hip prosthesis, Connexion GXL complements the press-fit femoral stems that were launched earlier this year.
Avecia Protection & Hygiene offers PROXELTM GXL preservative for application in the household products sector.
Avecia Protection & Hygiene Wilmington, DE Proxel GXL (BIT) 800-523-7391/Fax: Proxel BDZO (BIT) 302-477-8120 Proxel BZ (BIT/ZPT) E-mail: biocides@avecia.
New products featured include the 147 Series Colored Pencils, 147A Series Watercolor Pencils, Lumocolor CD/DVD Markers, GXL Stick Pens, X-Large Writer Gel Pens, and Trigon Automatic Pencils and Ballpoint Pens.
He said: "I was a salesman driving around in a Ford van and four years later I had arrived: I had a GXL Granada with a Vinyl roof.
The vehicle is available in three versions, GX, GXL and Crusade.
Within the GX series the new GXH, GXL and GXV variants are said to offer the perfect platform for multi-component injection moulding.
25 units of GXL DNA polymerase (Takara, Shiga, Japan), and 5 [micro]L of DNA template.
The technology is available in a series of scalable solutions from the OrCAD FPGA System Planner to the Allegro FPGA System Planner L, XL and GXL tiers, and is tightly integrated with OrCAD Capture, OrCAD PCB Designer, Allegro Design Entry HDL and Allegro PCB Design products.
For the sake of pub arguments, the lads drove a 1972 Ford Cortina Mk 3 GXL.
Proxel GXL Description: An efficient, proven microbiostat preservative based on 1,2-benzisotbiazolin-3-one Applications: household products, emulsions, latices and a wide range of other water-based products.
The new tool generates instance-specific Liberty[R] models for use by Cadence's Encounter[R] Timing System GXL, Extreme DA's Goldtime(tm) and Synopsys PrimeTime[R] VX.