GXOGeode Extended Office (National Semiconductor)
GXOGoCrossOffice (game)
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i]FO and G*FO from Figure 4 represents the total harm of inappropriate conviction of a innocent party under the dying declaration exception to the hearsay rule, whereas GXO (or, discounting the guilty party's harm, GFO) from Figure 2 represents the benefit of convicting a guilty party under the current rule.
The GXO extends National's tradition of introducing conceptual consumer products at Comdex with National's key technology partners.
The GXO integrates PC-compatible software, ultra-low-power processing and wireless connectivity to ensure seamless interfaces to existing business infrastructure.
The GXO is based on National's SC2200 Geode(TM) integrated system-on-a-chip.
At the meeting, the account manager could connect to a projector and present the sales presentation using PowerPoint and use the GXO to print a copy of the presentation on a Bluetooth printer.