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GXTGX Technology (seismic imaging company)
GXTGraded Exercise Testing (cardiac testing)
GXTGeneration X Technologies (various locations)
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The 12-week aerobic exercise training was applied to those participants who passed the GXT.
1983) were performed 30-40 min before GXT in order to precisely distinguish the differences between the endurance and sprint study groups.
This means the original GXT is necessary to establish the anaerobic threshold workloads.
With Sencha GXT 4 now providing support for touch and gestures at the core of the framework, Java developers can easily build and deploy rich, data-centric HTML5 applications for both desktops and tablets, and mobilize existing GXT applications.
Stepwise linear regression predicting Maximum VO2/L/min measured during the GXT ANOVA (d) Model Sum of df Mean F Sig.
The Extremeair GXT dries hands three times faster, uses less energy, eliminates landfill waste and it also includes a new antimicrobial infused air delivery system and can be connected to any standard voltage between 100-240 volts.
Now radios such as the Midland GXT Pro Series claim a range of 36 miles in open rural areas, which accurately describes the area of the Nebraska Panhandle I call home.
The buyout team snapped up Jetix's K2 and male-skewed general entertainment channel GXT, which airs on News Corp.
A joint venture of GXT and Brazilian energy consultancy Bratexco, GX Technology Processamento de Dados Ltda.
Lincoln Electric says its Ranger[R] 225 GXT welder generator delivers a smooth AC/DC welding output and 10,500 watts peak generator power.
The basic GXT represents the most powerful general model.