GZGGasten Zonder Grenzen (Dutch: Guests Without Borders; rock band)
GZGGalantari Zagreb (Croation soccer club)
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Seven populations (SXT, GZG, AHC, SAX, CQB, HNN, and HBW) were susceptible to acetamiprid, and the remaining 3 populations (HEB, GSL, and SDZ) showed minor resistance to acetamiprid.
Three field populations (HNN, SDZ, and JLB) showed low resistance to beta-cypermethrin, 5 populations (SXT, GZG, AHC, SAX, and HBW) were susceptible, and 4 populations (HEB, GSL, SDT, and CQB) showed minor resistance to beta-cypermethrin.
Our bioassay results showed that 4 populations (SXT, GZG, HEB, and GSL) were susceptible to abamectin, whereas 2 populations (CQB and HNN) showed moderate resistance, 3 populations (AHC, JLB, and HBW) showed low resistance, and 3 populations (SAX, SDT, and SDZ) showed minor resistance to abamectin.