GZSGospodarska Zbornica Slovenije
GZSGesellschaft Fuer Zahlungssysteme (German credit card processor)
GZSGasilska Zveza Slovenije (Slovenian: Fire Association of Slovenia)
GZSGesellschaft Zum Schutz von Wasser, Boden und Luft (German: Society for Protection of Water, Soil and Air)
GZSGesundheits Zentrum Serach (German: Health Center Serach; est. 1999; Esslingen, Germany)
GZSGround Zero System (band)
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But the company involved in the Raith deal is GZS Eurocapital/
Tenders are invited for Complete maintenance of Horticulture works in connection with Maintenance of Garden features attached to Playground and area adjacent to FAA Veethi GZS Veethi NSR Veethi Spiritual Garden and Spiritual Garden and Amla Garden during 2014 15
GZS Holdings' buyout of chief shareholder Alex Penman has effectively gone through, but the deal won't be completed until the weekend.
The buy-out of principal shareholder Alex Penman by GZS Holdings effectively has gone through but the red tape won't be wrapped up until the weekend.
Meanwhile, Bob Jamieson, the loser in the takeover battle for the club, last night threatened legal proceedings against outgoing director Alex Penman after the club was formally sold to GZS Euro Capital Holdings.
DCC Compact Classics GZS (2)-1135/1&2 (2-disc set).
Takeover loser Bob Jamieson is threatening to sue outgoing owner Alex Penman after he sold out to GZS Euro Capital Holdings.