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At any other time, these obstacles would have made Gabriel Grub very moody and miserable, but he was so well pleased with having stopped the small boy's singing, that he took little heed of the scanty progress he had made, and looked down into the grave, when he had finished work for the night, with grim satisfaction, murmuring as he gathered up his things--
laughed Gabriel Grub, as he sat himself down on a flat tombstone which was a favourite resting-place of his, and drew forth his wicker bottle.
It was the echoes," said Gabriel Grub, raising the bottle to his lips again.
Seated on an upright tombstone, close to him, was a strange, unearthly figure, whom Gabriel felt at once, was no being of this world.
I came to dig a grave, Sir," stammered Gabriel Grub.
The goblin grinned a broader grin than before, as he said, "Well, Gabriel, what do you say to this?
I am afraid my friends want you, Gabriel," said the goblin, thrusting his tongue farther into his cheek than ever--and a most astonishing tongue it was--"I'm afraid my friends want you, Gabriel," said the goblin.
Nay, keep it thyself, cried Gabriel to Ahab; thou art soon going that way.
Then Gabriel shrieked out to his comrades to give way with their oars, and in that manner the mutinous boat rapidly shot away from the Pequod.
Repeating these two last words very often, as if to compensate for the little resolution he was going to show by piquing himself on the great resolution he had shown, Gabriel Varden quietly turned back, determining to get a light at the Maypole, and to take nothing but a light.
To whom thir Chief GABRIEL from the Front thus calld aloud.
GABRIEL, thou hadst in Heav'n th' esteem of wise, And such I held thee; but this question askt Puts me in doubt.