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GAFGlobal Assessment of Functioning
GAFGeographic Adjustment Factor (Medicare; US DHHS)
GAFGerman Air Force
GAFGhana Armed Forces
GAFGet A Freelancer (freelance services website)
GAFGeneral Aniline & Film
GAFGrowth Area Funding (UK)
GAFGhana Air Force
GAFGreyladyes Arts Foundation (UK)
GAFGolf Association of Florida
GAFGive A Fig
GAFGuinean Armed Forces
GAFGive A Flip (polite form)
GAFGround Alert Facility
GAFGeneral Access Facility
GAFGround Assault Force
GAFGroup Audit Form
GAFGeneral Merchandise, Apparel and Home Furnishing (retail sales)
GAFGabonese Armed Forces
GAFGlobal AIDS Fund
GAFGeneral Application Form (various organizations)
GAFGender AIDS Forum (South Africa)
GAFGarfield and Friends (cartoon)
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Both QCP and GAF appreciate the unique skills and technical excellence necessary to install fluid-applied roofing systems, coating solutions, and pavement coatings.
The first edition of GAF will commence with the Gulf African Football Tournament Business Summit (GAFBS) that will take place on the opening day.
The acquisition of QCP, a major supplier of fluid-applied roofing systems and coating solutions in North America, will give GAF a larger scale and geographic footprint as well as the resources to offer a broader range of solutions in the marketplace.
BOSTON, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Admirals Bank, a federally-chartered financial institution headquartered in Boston, MA, with a Regional Banking Center in Providence, RI, and a Renewable Energy Lending Center in San Francisco, CA, has announced a new partnership with GAF, the North America's largest roofing manufacturer, to create The Winter Weather and Spring Repair Program , which is available from April 21, 2015, to June 21, 2015.
This allowed GAF to invest in the space itself to accommodate its specific needs and create a world class headquarters environment.
GAF Converter is a high-performing tool that has a number of advantages over other approaches and solutions for converting Flash animations and playing them back on mobile devices.
The GAF has participated in peace efforts by the United Nations, African Union and the Economic Community of West African States.
The man is said to have sought the assistance of an expatriate who works in a garage in Widam Al Gaf to carry out the heinous crime.
Gaf has two shops, in Gosforth and Tynemouth, and they're also looking to help aspiring North East designers get a foothold in the sometimes cut-throat retail business.
Despite the VA's adoption of the GAF as a benchmark for the assessment of PTSD-related and other psychiatric impairment, concerns have been raised about the scale's reliability, validity, and suitability for this purpose.
Gan mai ei lythyrau y byddaf fi'n mynnu eu darllen gyntaf a gaf fi gennych, Mr Olygydd, yr hawl i feiddio'r gosodiad beiddgar hwn o flaen eich darllenwyr diddorol:
The Children and Family Education Service east district walked away with best design, Coventry Young Carers Project built the most weather-proof structure and Gaf Gaf took the title for best construction.