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The show has been curated by Alistair Robinson from the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art.
Meanwhile Toxteth TV is turning the bovine invasion into a film with the help of a youngsters from 468 Youth Club on Mill Street, to be shown at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Leipzig later this year.
Poto Gallery of Contemporary Art on Superior Avenue near the Gulf Gate shops.
For one week of each year this is our national gallery of contemporary art, where we acknowledge and celebrate excellence,innovation and commitment within the Art and Crafts.
The Tronson Gallery of Contemporary Art in Springfield has had a full roster of art shows that have rotated every two months since Tere Tronson and her husband, Jim, opened its doors two years ago.
services related to the opening and visit to the municipal museums in particular the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art and the future Museum of shipbuilding including custodial services, hospitality, access control, ticketing, equipment and preparation rooms of the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art , including the cultural-educational activities (guided tours, workshops, etc.
Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art This small but critically acclaimed gallery was the first to commission renowned contemporary artists like Sam Taylor Wood and Adam Chodzko - giving the city some serious contemporary art credentials.
bar] SIR - Rodney Berman wants to turn the city of Cardiff into Europe's biggest gallery of contemporary art and design ("Time came for pierhead clock to show its face", Nov 9), and he is quoted as saying that "it's not about creating a building for the selected few".
Celebrations kicked off with the opening of the art exhibition "Man's Inhumanity" by renowned German artist Gunther Uecker at Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art.
Still, some of the most compelling contemporary art initiatives in the Middle East--including Cairo's Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art, Amman's Darat al Funun, and Beirut's Ashkal Alwan--are firmly nonprofit; the parallel sales market nearby could allow artists in those cities to support themselves through their work.
William Wells of the Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art in Cairo put together a terrific group show for Galerie Sfeir-Semler, featuring particularly strong installations by Tarek Zaki (playing time-traveling archaeologist) and Basim Magdy (playing too-cool-for-school prankster with drawings that grow thoughtful and profound over time).
Paoli, a native of Florence, has his work hanging in the Stia Museum in Tuscany and in the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Arezzo.