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GAMERAGeneralized Algorithms and Methods for Enhancement and Restoration of Archives (open-source software)
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Turbine model Rated Wind class Rotor Hub height (m) power diameter Enercon 800 kW IEC--IIA 48 m 50, 55, 60, 65, 76 E48-800 EWT DW54-900 900 kW IEC--IIIA 54 m 40, 50, 75 Gamera 850 kW IEC -IIA/HIB 58 m 44, 49, 55, 65, 74 G58-850 Table 5: Wind turbine power output for Enercon E48-800.
Gamera II is an improved version of Gamera I, which last year set world records for flight duration.
Following initial tests Gamera II has been sanctioned to make an official flight duration record attempt by the National Aeronautic Association.
4 seconds set last year by the Gamera I, the first version.
The trio worked best with solidly bad material, from the Godzilla and Gamera pictures to films, such as Monster A-Go Go, that could only aspire to the production values of cheesy 1950s Japanese science fiction.
Laboratory CDs, such as those developed by Gamera Biosciences, now Tecan, Zurich, Switzerland, consist of plastic discs with a network of chambers, channels and vents, and information about the specific function of the analytical lab incorporated on the disk.
In 2000, Tecan announced it was entering the consumables business with its purchase of Gamera Bioscience, PerkinElmer greatly increase it stake in the business with the purchase of NEN Life Sciences, and Varian declared the goal of making consumables 50% of sales.
Descended from a long line of Japanese horror series (Godzilla, Gamera, etc.
Gamera in Hong Kong can now use Razer zsilver to redeem Razer discount vouchers and Razer products.
Mi fydd rhai yn siarad ar gamera am y tro cynta' ers y '70au ac yn rhannu'r straen o gadw'r gyfrinach ac o weithio'n gudd am dros 13 mis.
Dyn sydd wedi dal ei afael yn dynn yn ei gamera 'go iawn' ydy Arwyn Roberts, neu 'Arwyn Herald' ar lafar.